In the Goblin Cave

From the Goblins Cave to the Open Sea: Gobble Gobble Go !

goblincave opensea goblintown

Most Goblins Are Found in Town but some still remain HIDDEN IN THEIR CAVE

Are You an NFT Insider ?
After many Bored Apes lost their Yachts like Russian Oligarchs GOBLINS took over on by Storm. Most live as NFTs on the Ether Goblin Town and are Really Expensive.
But there is no need to get one of them for a high ETH price. Because some Goblins are still Hiding in their MATIC CAVES waiting to get freed for as little as 0.5 or 0.6 ETH on the Polygon Network.

goblin cave #111 NFT matic opensea

Goblin Gobble Gobble Go opensea goblin town city cave

SEE ALL GOBLINS IN THE CAVE or explore the really funny GOBLIN TOWN


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